Lineup News

David Rust brings the fire….

After an impressive Tidy debut back in Leeds, we warmly welcome David Rust back to the decks to lead the fun on the Saturday night of the event!

There is absolutely nothing rusty about David’s skill set, in fact this slick DJ/Producer hailing from the city of Glasgow is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most promising new age trance artists.

A DJ first and foremost, taking a huge influence from the blistering technical Decks ’n’ FX styles of DJs such as Eddie Halliwell and Jordan Suckley. He is a true performer who fuses various upbeat styles on the more intense end of the trance spectrum. David’s passion for music past and present is evident in his sets.

Using a combination of chopping, cutting, scratching and with clever use of FX, a defined and expert performance is delivered. Keeping the mood dark and tech driven while introducing uplifting sounds to create a perfect blend of energizing euphoria.

David Rust is proof that by sticking to your guns and working hard the rewards will come. In an era where producing tends to come first, its refreshing to see an experienced and explosive DJ’s tracks supported by some of the big names in Trance.