Q. Is this event the same as the postponed Tidy 25 Weekender?

This event replaces the Tidy 25 Weekender which was postponed due to the pandemic. All existing ticket holders for Tidy 25 still remain valid. We have tried to retain the majority of the planned Tidy 25 event with the same themes, line up and features where possible, however this event is going to be even bigger and better than before with new features including day time arenas with some of the biggest DJs in the world.

Q. Can i add people to my chalet?

YES. All rooms can have people added to them. If your mates want to come and you have an existing chalet booked, just email info@tidyland.co.uk with the request. Ticket prices for additional people will be charged at normal prices.

Q. I want to book but I can’t afford it - can you help?

Yes we can. All you need to do is place a minimum booking of £50 (+ £5 Booking Fee) deposit per person in your apartment to confirm that they are going. The balance will be payable by 01st March 2022 or earlier if you have the spare cash.

Q. What happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the booking (with details of when the balance is due, if you have only paid the deposit)

Q. When will I receive my tickets for Tidyland?

The Tidyland Weekender Festival is a ticketless event. When you book online – you will receive a booking confirmation email with a unique booking reference – THIS IS YOUR TICKET FOR THE EVENT. You will need to check in with your booking reference and photo ID.

Q. What time does check-in begin?

Doors open for main check in at 13:00 on Friday 8th July 2022. Please note – if you are coming on the Thursday night you will be emailed specific details.

Q. What time does Tidyland officially close?

Everyone will be expected to leave the site by 10:00am Monday 11th July 2022.

Should you want to check out early then this is possible. Please advise main reception and hand your keys back in.

Q. Can I pay - then get my friends to pay separately?

Sorry, no. One person has to be responsible for making the payment for each booking (the minimum being two in a party). It’s just like going on holiday, one person has to take responsibility for either collecting and paying the deposit, or collecting all the money and paying in full.

Q. Will I be charged for any damages to my chalet?

Yes, we leave a damage waiver form in every chalet and give one to the principal booker upon check in. It is essential that you check all items listed on the form and report any damage as soon as you can.

We check all chalets on the Monday afternoon with a member of Pontin’s staff. If there are damages to that chalet that we have not been notified of then the principal booker will be liable for the cost of cleaning and repair.

Q. What is the DJ line up for Tidyland?

The DJ line up can be found here.

Q. Do I Need ID?

This is an over 18’s event and ID must be shown on entrance to the venue.


If you don’t have ID you may be turned away. Passport, Photographic Driving Licence, Citizen Card, or Proof of Age Card accepted.

Q. Can we come and go from the event as we please after we have checked in?

Yes, after you have checked in you may leave site whenever you want to, however searches and security checks are a condition of re-entry.

Q. My party are arriving at different times, can we check in without the principle booker?

No. You can only check into the event with your principle booker. We suggest you arrange your travel and plans to arrive at the same time, however if this can’t happen then you will be directed to a holding car park and issued a limited access wrist band which will allow you into the Queen Vic pub only to wait until the rest of your party arrive.

Q. I've paid a deposit but can't add the names of my party?

You can only add the details for each member of your party once the balance for the room has been paid in full. All rooms MUST have personal details for every person attending the event. You will be sent a form in the lead up to the event to input names

Q. Will we be able to change the names on the bookings?

Yes, name changes to the party can be made at any time. We will be issuing a form to all attendees in the lead up to the event to enter these details. You do not need all the details for your chalet members just yet.

Q. Can the Principle booker be changed?

No, once the booking is made the Principle booker cannot be changed. If you wish to change the name of the Principle Booker, the entire order will be cancelled, your deposits lost and a new booking (pending ticket availability) will have to be made

Q. Is bedding provided in the chalets?

No, you can bring your own to the event, however bedding is also available to purchase on site from reception. Single bed bedding is charged at £5, and double bed bedding is charged at £8.

Q. Can I bring my own food or alcohol on to the site?

Yes, you can bring your own food and alcohol onto site.

Every chalet has cooking facilities and a fridge to keep food fresh.

Q. Does the site have car parking?

Yes and it’s free although always at a premium so we highly recommend you car share where possible.

Q. Will my friends and I be sharing an apartment?

Yes. All the names in the same booking will be allocated to the same room.

Q. Another group of my friends are going to the Weekender. Could we have an apartment next to theirs?

No. Unfortunately all bookings are allocated apartments as and when they are received.

Q. I’m on my own - can you arrange for me to share an apartment with people I have never met?

No, but you could use the our social media to meet new friends, check us out on Facebook to link up with like minded Tidy faithful: Find the official Keep It Tidy group here

You will need to know who the principal booker is, so make sure you get their details and a mobile number. Please be cautious of people trying to scam you as we have had this happen in the past. We are unable to protect you against this so please be aware of who you are dealing with.

Q. Can I bring flyers or CD’s to hand out and promote another event or myself?

No, you can only put flyers in the approved pack which is distributed in each chalet. If you are found to be flyering or self promoting at the event you risk being asked to leave the site.

If you wish your flyers to be included in the pack, then please email info@glamzoo.com

Q. If I lose a chalet key will I have to pay?

Yes you will, it is £5 for a replacement key, this will also apply if you don’t hand both keys back in at the end of the Weekend.

Q. What about my wristband and laminate?

You must look after these, if you lose your wristband it will cost you £5 to replace it so if it starts to look like it may come off please go straight to reception. If you lose your laminate it is £10 to replace.